Roll call…

‘Isolated Sounds’ features profiles on producers, managers, promoters, booking agents, music licensers, film makers, photographers and media workers who all contribute to the development of the Perth music industry and scene.

The purpose of the website is to pay homage to these people; to find out what makes them tick and how they feel about a music and creative industries scene which is brimming with world-class talent.

The website was ‘live’ from May 2008 – October 2009. The articles remain on the website, many as they were first published. The original publish date (month/ year) appears in the URL of each page.

The interviewees featured are:

Aidan O’Bryan: Director of rock-doc Something in the water

Al Smith: Engineer at Bergerk! Studios

Andy Lawson: Producer at Debaser/ ex vocalist and guitarist for The Avenues

Bruna Chiovitti: Manager of Abbe May/ former assistant to Phil Stevens (manager of Jarrah Records, John Butler Trio and formerly Little Birdy)

Catherine Haridy: Independent label manager (Dirt Diamond Productions)/ manager of Eskimo Joe/ former A & R for Festival Mushroom Records + Warner Music Australia

Craig Harman: Entertainment IT/ webmaster of

Dan Beard: Webmaster of Spaceship News

Graham Wood: Manager of The Ellington Jazz Club

Grant Sputore: Film maker (The Penguin Empire)

Isabel Pappani: LA-based music licenser (Undercover Tracks)

Jacinta Mathews: Photographer (Jacinta Mathews Photography)

John Reid: Manager of The Fly By Night Musicians Club

Jonathan Alley: Director of David McComb (The Triffids/ Black-eyed Susan’s) bio-pic Love in bright landscapes

Juliet John: Manager of music publicity company Caveman! Presents

Lisa Businovski: Photographer (The Fox In March Photography)

Luke Rinaldi: Live music promoter (Sweet Mate Promotions) – booking agent for The Rosemount Hotel, the Hyde Park Hotel,  Swan Basement, Railway Hotel and the annual WAMi Music Festival/ Manager for Capital City, Red Jezebel and The Ghost Hotel/ DCA Contemporary Music Grants Program chair

Matt Giles: Co-director of the Love Is My Velocity record label/ book publisher/ events company

Matt McDonald: NY-based Vice President of artists and events for the College Music Journal

Matt McMullen: Independent label manager (Three Star Bakery)/ Manager for The Scotch of St James, the Belle Ends, Gilroy and Long Gone Midnight

Nick Jonsson: Co-owner and producer at Bang Bang! Studios

Paul Bodlovich: CEO of the West Australian Music Industry Association

Penny Lane: Photographer (Penny Lane Photography)

Pete Carroll: Manager of The Panics/ former state manager for Sony Music Australia/ former general manager of RTRfm

Scott Adam: Lecturer of Music Business at Central TAFE/ independent label director (QStick)/ former manager of The Panda Band

Steve McCallum: Film maker (Transmission Productions/ Purephase)

Todd Rollings: Live music promoter (Artax Entertainment)/ former booker for Eleventh He Reaches London

*Note, the positions mentioned in the above list are those which were primarily discussed in the interviews at the time they were done. As some articles are several years old, some people may have moved on.

Editorial Policy:
The opinions expressed on the ‘Isolated Sounds’ website are not necessarily that of the author or publisher. No part of this website shall be reproduced or retransmitted without prior express written permission of the copyright holder. The publisher is also not liable for any loss or damages incurred through accessing information contained in and connected to this site.

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Copyright (C) 2010 Christina Ballico.

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