Dan Beard: Space Ship News

Launching The Perth Music Scene Into Outer-space: Space Ship News.

Starting out as a local promotions company, Space Ship News has since developed into an e-newsletter and most recently, a website promoting the Perth music scene.

Dan Beard, the sites owner and editor, studied music at TAFE with the hope of forming a band. It was while studying he found his niche in promotions.

“Space Ship actually began as a promotions company – Space Ship Promotions – when I was at TAFE in Leederville. The idea was to feature bands in the newsletter that had appeared on the shows I was putting on and just flourished from there,”

Running Space Ship allows Dan to combine his love for promotions with his love of the Perth music scene.

“It’s a great scene; there’s a lot of great people out there. I just really enjoy doing it; [I] just really enjoy going out on the weekends and seeing bands. It’s lots of fun and it’s nice to be able to support people,” he says.

The e-newsletter started about 18 months ago, with the website launched late last year.

“The website’s been up since about November [2008] and before that I was running the newsletter… It was essentially just a newsletter to begin with and then it’s branched out now to a website so we can add a lot more content to it.”

The site features a gig guide, reviews and interviews with local, national and international acts performing in Perth. Band profiles are also featured, specifically on Perth acts.

“It’s not genre specific…[We try to give] as much coverage as we possibly can. We search every single avenue.”

An expansion of coverage has lead to an expansion of Space Ship’s team. Dan has taken on board contributors, and enlisted the help of Max Noakes, Space Ships’ events co-ordinator:

“He organises the reviewers and photographers which is great because it’s a lot of weight off my shoulders. It’s good to have someone concentrate on that content while I’m concentrating on the news and setting up.”

With visions to expand the site even further and continue spreading the word of Perth music and Space Ship News Dan says he hopes people enjoy and get something out of the site “[I hope you] find it helpful and useful. Enjoy it. As long as you’re enjoying it, I’m happy.”

Space Ship News Official Website and MySpace

Copyright (C) 2008 Christina Ballico.

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