Lisa Businovski: Fox In March Photography

Foxy Photos: Lisa Businovski

What originally started out as a way for Lisa Businovski to document her artwork has since taken on a life of its own.

Having studied art and some black and white photography throughout high school and university, photography was more of a way for Lisa to document the art she created rather than an art form in itself.

That was until she saw the work of Australian Art House cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

“His style was nothing like I’d seen before; strong colours, quirky composition [and] movement. He broke all the rules I had learnt in class and it was exciting to see you didn’t have to have to have everything set up traditionally perfect to create something intriguing that can connect with an audience,” she says.

Despite only establishing Fox in March Photography in December 2007, Lisa has been photographing musicians since 2005 and has been responsible for promotional and live shots for some of the most popular local bands and musicians in Perth.

Her credits include Snowman, Sugar Army, The Bank Holidays, Felicity Groom and the Black Black Smoke, Dan Bull, Institut Polaire and the Voltaire Twins

“Musicians love to have their photo taken; there is ego and there is performance. A communication is acted out – and because they are on stage – there is [an] over exaggeration of movement, because they are moving in time with their music. These are things which can create opportunities for me to capture the human form mid drama, movement, colour and lighting.”

She continues: “I’ve found that catching people in their element allows me to take photos that make the truth a little more mystifying.”

There is a strong artistic and graphic element to Lisa’s work– not only expressive of her subject’s personality but her own artistic talent as well.

“I’ve studied, learnt (and still learning) in life that we are over inundated with imagery and to make a picture stand out, it has to be different to what has come before you and is currently around you. You learn from the foundations people have laid down before you – you take as much as you can, and take it forward to another level you feel you can be capable of taking it to.”

She continues: “It is an easily accessible form of art, most people have a camera, and most people know how to use a computer. So what can you do to make your photo more intriguing than someone else’s? What can you do to show a situation in a different way? Having that mentality allows you to push yourself and motivate yourself to make something new and special.”

The local music industry is a major focus for Lisa and her work. She says about 97 percent of her work is for local musicians with the remaining three percent comprising of live shots at performances for national or international touring artists.

“I prefer working with local acts, being a tiny little cog in the growing machine of Perth music. We’ve got awesome potential of turning into a powerhouse of music that is respected worldwide, not just in Australia. Our problem is that so many acts get itchy and move away – because that’s how things just are – if you want to ‘make it’. The idea of building something here, which gets bands to settle here and brings bands over, is something that shouldn’t be neglected.”

She continues: “We are a young city and we have the quality, talent and professionalism – and importantly growing potential – we just have big cities flashing light dreams that hypnotise us and distract us from focusing on the potential of what we have here.”

Lisa Businovski on MySpace and Facebook

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