Nick Jonsson: Bang Bang! Studios

Creating Music With A Bang: Bang Bang! Studios.


Earlier this year, Malcolm Clarke asked a few of his musical friends if they would like to rent out some warehouse space. The friends were Nick Jonsson, Lee Jones, Sam Ford and Shaun Sibbes. It signalled the establishment of Bang Bang! Studios.

Nick says: “It’s a muso’s dream to have a HQ where you can jam until the sun comes up and goes down again without having noise complaints, so it all started ‘round Feb this year.”

Based in Osborne Park, the studios function as a recording space, rehearsal room and most recently a rock school.

Nick says: “There is a lot of experience happening in Bang Bang! and we’re all very versatile with the ins and outs of most things musical.”

The experience held by the boys is impressive. Nick used to drum for End of Fashion, and is currently the drummer for the Panda Band. Malcolm and Lee are respectively current and former members of The Sleepy Jackson, Sam Ford is lead singer of The Silents. Lee and Shaun are also touring members of Eskimo Joe while Shaun and Malcolm also play in From the Skies. Shaun is currently overseas touring with Sneaky Sound System and he Lee, and Malcolm are members of Circuits of the Sun.

Nick says: “We have all worked in the studio in bands being produced by someone else. If you’re on the ball, you’ll try to suck as much knowledge out of those experiences as possible. Then you take that stuff and experiment. There’s no rules; as long as it moves you in some way.”

And the boys have put their experience to good use, working on recordings for the likes of Sugar Army, The Sleepy Jackson, Circuits of the Sun, Gilroy, Big Game Hunter, Polars, Woodknives and From the Skies.

“We just know how it feels to want to feel completely comfortable when playing and recording. It is a very important thing to be fully relaxed and submerged into what you’re playing. It’s like your recording in your bedroom or a house. We try to help them get comfy.”

The recently launched Rock School has also received a great reception. Taking place at the studios on Thursday nights, it is run by Nick and Lee.

“It’s a chance for kids to get together and meet people their age and rock out. We are trying to teach them how to act as a team and show them some of the ropes of learning and working as a musician. And how to jump in the air while playing guitar!”

With such a talented group of musicians at the helm so much going on, the plans for Bang Bang! over the next 12 months are surprisingly quite humble.

“Record Panda Band, vacuum the place, maybe paint a few walls [and] get a grant so we can pay rent.”

Bang Bang! Studios on MySpace…

Copyright (C) 2008 Christina Ballico.

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